You thought you aced the interview, but then you find out you’re not in the running. Where could you have gone wrong? You can ask the hiring manager for feedback and sometimes they will give it. But other times, you’re on your own to figure it out. So how can you improve your interview skills if you’re not even sure what mistakes you’re making?

The Charlottesville recruiters at Adams & Garth have the answers you need. Here’s a look at a few common missteps you can be sure to avoid in the future.

You didn’t answer questions well.

Perhaps you were vague or didn’t come off as confident. Or you rambled and gave too much information. Whatever the case, the hiring manager wasn’t impressed by the way you answered questions.

One way to determine whether this is an issue for you is to ask a friend or family member to conduct a mock interview. Have them develop their own list of questions that you won’t know ahead of time, and then interview you just as a hiring manager would.

You didn’t look the part.

You might have had all the right answers. But if you weren’t dressed appropriately or professionally, then that’s going to reflect poorly on you. Even if you have the exact right skill set and experience, don’t expect hiring managers to choose you if you don’t show up looking the part.

You came across as either too eager or too arrogant.

They’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they both are a turn-off for the interviewer. Whether you arrived 30 minutes early for the interview, or you talked a little too highly about yourself, it can all be a too much for the hiring manager. Instead, at your next interview, strive for somewhere in the middle where you’re confident and enthusiastic.

You weren’t the internal candidate they really wanted.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but in many cases, there’s an internal candidate who works at the company who’s applied for the job. They’re often the frontrunner since their work ethic, skills and personality are already well-known. When that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do other than move onto the next potential opportunity.

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