As one of the leading staffing agencies in Harrisonburg, Adams & Garth knows that when it comes to weak candidates, many can easily fool hiring managers. They know what to say on their resume and the right answers to give in the interview all to get the offer. Once on the job, though, they deliver poor performance and cause problems on the team.

The good news is that there are ways of spotting these kinds of candidates, so you don’t extend an offer. Here are five tips to help you:

Build a hiring team.

Don’t go it alone when it comes to the hiring process and making the final decision. Create a team that can help you with the job, offering a different perspective and deeper insight into each candidate along the way. It should include those in HR, as well as the manager for the department hiring and even one of the staff members who understands the demands of the position.

Put behavior-based questions to use.

Don’t simply ask a candidate about their strengths and weaknesses. Instead, dig deeper to find out how they dealt with specific situations. For instance, ask them to tell you about a time when they had to handle a difficult customer or co-worker. Or to explain a career goal they set and how they went about achieving it. Asking these kinds of questions will uncover those candidates who don’t have a strong record of success.

Assess how they talk about past employers.

When a candidate says something negative or questionable about a past boss or co-worker, it should be a red flag for you. Or if they blame others for something that went wrong during a project – without taking any accountability themselves – it’s a sign they’re not self-aware. You want people who make wise choices and exercise good judgement. Those who bash past employers or who don’t accept responsibility don’t fall into this category.

Evaluate how they talk about shortcomings.

When a candidate says their biggest weakness is that they’re a perfectionist or workaholic, you know they’re dodging the question. You want candidates who are truly in touch with areas they need to improve on and have a plan of action for doing that. You don’t want those candidates who are going to give you inauthentic answers just to get the job.

Conduct reference checks.

Even if a candidate makes it through the process and seems like a great new hire, it’s still important to confirm this by conducting reference checks. These will help you identify any discrepancies with what a candidate told you. It will also give you peace of mind when the conversation affirms a top choice.

Need more help with the hiring process at your company?

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