Searching for a new job in Charlottesville is stressful enough. But when you have big gaps in your career background, it can be even more challenging. How do you explain them in a way that’s honest without sabotaging your job search efforts? Here are some tips to help you:

Explain it.

It’s tempting to hide it or try to embellish your work history to cover it up. But the fact of the matter is that a hiring manager will likely find out. Instead, it’s important to be honest about the situation. Hiring managers know that jobs come and go and that good people get laid off. Likewise, they understand when you take time off to care for small children or aging parents. You just have to be upfront about it so they’re not wondering what you were doing during that time.

Be ready.

While you want to be honest, you also don’t want to walk into an interview and wing it when it comes to talking about employment gaps. So before you go to your interview, assume that it’s a topic that will come up and then think through what you’re going to say to deal with the situation. When you’re able to clearly articulate your gap in a way that makes sense, employers will be much more likely to understand it.

Walk in with confidence.

Your employment gap won’t be the only thing you discuss during the interview. So be prepared to explain to the hiring manager why you’re the best fit for the job. Be ready to give specific examples about your most relevant experience, as well as your skills, accomplishments and abilities that best tie in with the job. The more you focus on your assets, the better chance you have at getting hired.

Keep it positive.

If you have a big gap in employment due to an unfortunate issue, like a layoff, don’t talk about the situation in a negative way. Instead, focus on what you learned from the experience and the value you can offer to an employer if hired.

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