As one of Harrisonburg’s leading staffing agencies, Adams & Garth knows that now’s the time of the year when you’re going to be receiving resumes and applications from recent college graduates. While they don’t have extensive experience, they can offer you a fresh perspective and new energy, and are also key to filling a range of entry level roles. So how can you attract the cream of the crop among new graduates during recruiting season? Here are a few strategies to help you:

Create a Strong Employer Brand

Top talent want to work for companies who are known locally in the area or in the industry for the opportunities they offer and the innovations they produce. So spend some time and energy broadcasting your company brand. Attend job fairs, build an online presence on social media, and tap employees to author blog posts about your organization and culture. Your aim is to build awareness and visibility of your company in a positive way among potential recruits.

Offer Opportunities for Advancement

Skilled workers don’t want to stay in entry-level positions forever. That’s why if you want to attract and retain them, it’s important to promote from within by offering opportunities to get ahead. When you do, they’ll be more likely to accept positions at your company versus your competition.

Make Work Challenging

Don’t only give the grunt work to your new hires. Make sure you’re also providing the chance for them to acquire new skills and stretch their abilities with challenging assignments, as well. They’ll be more loyal to your company, as a result, helping you to maximize your investment in them.

Use the Latest Technology

In today’s world, new graduates don’t know what life is like without the Internet and a smart phone. If you’re not up-to-date on the latest technology, you won’t be as appealing to this generation of workers when compared with companies who rely on more current technology in the workplace.

Promote Your Jobs at Local Colleges & Universities

Develop partnerships with connections at local colleges and universities. When you have solid relationships there, you can tap them to find the best talent and promote your opportunities on campus.

Want More Help Recruiting for Your Company?

Whether you’re hiring for entry level positions, or jobs that require more experience, Adams & Garth can help. As one of Harrisonburg’s leading staffing agencies, we can handle many aspects of the hiring process faster, from sourcing candidates to screening, interviewing, background checks, and more. Simply contact us today to learn more.

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