When you interview for a new job, you walk in with high hopes. That’s why it can be deflating and discouraging when you don’t hear back after the meeting. So what does it mean? And what can you learn from the experience? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

You might not be a fit for the job.

After interviewing, a hiring manager might simply realize that you’re not the right person for the position. It’s hard to swallow, but don’t take it personally. While employers should always notify and inform you when you didn’t get the job, some don’t. So simply move one.

There could be a hiring freeze.

As one of the leading Harrisonburg employment agencies, Adams & Garth has seen it happen many times. A company is ready to hire and bring a team of new workers on board. Suddenly, there’s a hiring freeze. Whether due to industry issues, new legislation, or budgetary problems, there’s nothing you can do. The situation is out of your control, so again, keep up your search and continue looking for new opportunities.

An internal candidate got the job.

Sometimes, due to company policy, organizations post a job when they really have an internal candidate in mind they’re considering hiring. Or they could also have posted a position without a candidate in mind, only to find out during the hiring process an existing employee was interested and the best fit for the role.

In many cases, an internal candidate is going to have the upper hand. Not only does the employer have valuable insight into their skills, experience and work quality, but there will be less of a learning curve.

You made a mistake during the interview.

Did you show up late? Were you unprepared? Did you give weak interview answers? These are certainly mistakes that many job candidates make. The trick is to learn from them so they don’t happen again and impact your ability to land an offer in the future.

So look critically at how you performed during the interview. What would you go back and change if you could? Next time you have one scheduled, you can then make sure you deliver a knockout performance.

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