You started out in a new job with the highest of hopes. But now you’re not so sure if you made the right decision in accepting it. Should you re-start your search or sit tight and see if the situation improves?

As one of the leading employment agencies in Central Virginia, we can tell you it’s normal to not only feel nervous and apprehensive about a new job, but question whether it’s really the best fit for you. During those first few days and weeks, it can sometimes be hard to adjust. You may have doubts, as a result, and wonder whether you should make a move, even though you’ve just begun.

Many times, in these kinds of circumstances, you should give it some time. Starting a new job is almost never easy and you’ll likely experience challenges or issues that you didn’t see coming. This can be especially true if there’s a big learning curve in your new position. You might be used to being highly competent or the go-to person in your old job. But now you’re the newbie, which can shake your confidence level, if you let it.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or an entry-level worker, new jobs are stressful. This is simply a part of the process and in a few weeks or months, you’ll likely feel differently. However, if you’re dealing with any of the following issues, then you might, in fact, have a good reason to be reconsidering your decision. These include:

  • You’re not working in the job you were hired for. If you interviewed for certain position, but the role you’re in now doesn’t match up, then there’s a problem.
  • The environment is toxic. Co-workers fight, your boss is a bully, and the culture isn’t a healthy one.
  • There’s something unethical going one. Either you’re seeing things or being asked to do things you’re not comfortable with.
  • The culture isn’t a match. You’re now seeing the workplace culture first-hand and know you could never fit into it.

Whether or not you’re in the right position is a decision you need to make at the end of the day. But if there isn’t seriously something wrong – and you’re just having doubts – give it a couple months. If you’re like many new employees, you’ll make connections, learn the ropes, and start feeling more confident in the days and weeks ahead.

If, however, you don’t and want to start up your job search again, give Adams & Garth a call. As one of the top employment agencies in Central Virginia, we can help you with your job search from start to finish, ensuring you’re connected with a better-fit opportunity the next time. Contact us today to learn more!

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