As one of Staunton’s leading temporary staffing agencies, Adams & Garth knows it wasn’t long ago when most companies used temporary staffing only during peak periods, when demand was on the rise. But temporary staffing can help beyond just your busy times. In fact, there are a few situations when it can give you the leg up in terms of business operations and productivity. Here’s a look at four of them:

Hire better-fit people.

If you have a position you have a hard time hiring for, then temporary staffing gives you the chance to test out potential new hires. Called temp-to-hire staffing, you can bring workers on board for a set period of time, typically around 60-90 days, and evaluate their hard and soft skills during their time at your company. If they’re the right fit for the job, then you have the option to extend an offer to them. As a result, you’ll get the better-fit people you need and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Evaluate demand.

You have more work than you can handle. But the question is: will you be able to sustain it? If you’re not sure, then temporary staffing can help you make the right decision. You can hire workers for a temporary period of time to meet new increases in demand. At the same time, you’ll get the chance to evaluate whether you can truly to sustain it, or whether the workload will decline soon. You can therefore make more confident hiring and staffing decisions.

Fill in for employees.

Do you have an employee who’s going on sick or maternity leave? Are you stressed about how you’re going to keep productivity numbers up and customers happy? Temporary staffing can help you easily deal with this situation and get the support you need. You can bring in temporary workers whether for a few days or a few months, all to fill in for your full-time employees while they’re away. At the same time, your existing staff won’t get overwhelmed by taking on tasks while an employee is out, reducing the chance of burnout.

Gain access to specialized expertise.

Sometimes, you can get a project or work order that you don’t have the expertise to properly fill. That’s where temporary staffing can help. With it, you can access people who can assist on a temporary basis to complete special projects. In the future, this approach can also enable you to accept more diverse and lucrative projects, and meet the challenges that come along with them.

Ready to learn more about all that temporary staffing can do for you?

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