For many managers and employees, performance reviews are an end-of-year event where feedback is given and the forgotten about until the next review. However, did you know that offering feedback on a regular basis is vitally important to your team’s success? In fact, as one of the top staffing agencies in Charlottesville, Adams & Garth knows that when you create a culture of feedback, your employees will perform better and be more motivated to succeed.

That said, giving consistent feedback takes a chunk of time out of your day. So how can you take advantage of all that it has to offer, without it eating up too much of your schedule? Start with these tips:

Incorporate it into your routine.

If feedback isn’t a part of your regular routine, it’s not going to happen. So whether daily, weekly or monthly feedback makes the most sense for you, be sure to add it to your schedule. Even if it seems like there’s nothing to talk about, there always is, so don’t cancel your feedback meetings.

Strike a good balance.

When it comes to giving feedback, offering it only when things go wrong can set a negative tone for your team. Instead, it’s important to strike a good balance between positive and constructive feedback, so employees feel valued for their contributions. At the same time, you’re able to help them correct course when needed.

Dig into the details.

When giving feedback, it’s important to get specific about why you’re offering it. Your employees will not only respond better when they get praised, but they’ll more clearly understand where things went wrong when there’s an issue. On the other hand, if you offer more ambiguous feedback, your employees will have a hard time integrating it into their daily work life.

Be timely when you give feedback.

Don’t wait weeks until after an event occurred to give your employees feedback. Instead, make sure you offer it to them right away, whether it’s to recognize or to correct them. If you don’t, the event or project won’t be as fresh in their minds and the feedback won’t be as effective as a result.

Be clear.

If there’s a behavior or skill gap you need an employee to work on, be clear about it. Don’t sugarcoat the problem and what your expectations are for them. Instead, work with them so that they understand where things are going wrong and what you’d like them to do going forward to fix the issue. Make sure you also follow up with them on a regular basis to ensure they’re incorporating your feedback into their performance.

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