You have no problem with a little friendly competition. But when your co-worker tries to do your job for you, or thinks they can do it better than you, it can certainly be a frustrating experience. Short of telling them to get lost, what can you do? Adams & Garth – one of Culpeper’s top employment agencies – has the answers you need. Here are a few easy tips to take a more diplomatic approach:

Tip #1: Ignore them.

When you have a bossy co-worker, the best approach sometimes is to simply just ignore them. After a while, they’ll start to get the message that their opinion and insight is not wanted. If, however, they don’t, then it’s time to confront them.

Tip #2: Be honest.

Sometimes, a co-worker might not realize how their behavior is impacting you and your performance. So be direct with them. That doesn’t mean getting into a big argument. However, it does mean asking them to talk privately with you and then calmly pointing out their behavior. When you do, always stick to the facts and don’t get critical. Just have specific examples to back up your claims, then hear them out so you can work together toward a solution.

Tip #3: Talk to your manager.

Your boss is likely busy and should be consulted only as a last resort. However, if a co-worker is really getting in the way of your performance and hindering your productivity, then it’s time to have a talk with your manager. Again, when you do, simply stick to the facts and explain how it’s having a negative impact on your performance.

Also, how you approach the conversation matters. For instance, don’t come off like you’re tattling on your co-worker. Instead, ask your boss for advice on the situation and the best way to deal with it going forward. That way, you’re making them aware of the issue, but still working to handle it on your own.

If, however, despite your best efforts, you have a co-worker who is still causing big problems with you at work, it might be time for a new start. Consider searching for new jobs at companies that offer you a healthier workplace environment.

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