There are a host of reasons to work with a Staunton staffing agency, one of which is finding higher quality candidates, faster. But how do most agencies go about this task? With a multi-faceted approach that includes the following:


Recruiters at staffing agencies are constantly working with, networking with, and recruiting both active and passive candidates. As a result, they often have a robust database of potential prospects they can tap into when you need to fill a position. Many of the candidates in them have often been pre-screened, too. So, when you have a position to fill, this is oftentimes the first place experienced recruiters go.


Another valuable source for top-quality candidates involves personal referrals. Recruiters at staffing agencies are constantly networking and on the lookout for prospects who would be a good fit for their client companies. They often find them through referrals, whether from colleagues or fellow recruiters.

Job Boards

Another source involves using major job boards to attract candidates. The boards used depend on the type of position you’re trying to fill. For instance, those like LinkedIn , Monster, Glassdoor and LinkedIn can provide access to a large number of candidates, but they’re often unqualified. However, there are other industry-specific sites where jobs can get posted that give you access to more specialized talent. Once a recruiter has an understanding of your position, goals and company culture, they can advise you on the best options for using job boards in the candidate search process.

Social Media

Another tool that’s a go-to source for sourcing candidates is social media. Many agencies look to the likes Twitter and Facebook not only to boost their online visibility, but also to attract candidates to job openings. Another benefit to using social media for advertising openings and sourcing candidates is that you can take a targeted approach so you only reach a specific audience, rather than the general population.

Job Fairs

Finally, job fairs can offer another go-to source for top-quality candidates. There’s still something to be said for meeting face-to-face with prospects. Events like job fairs, as well as conferences and other networking affairs provide a great opportunity to make new connections with candidates that could be right for your company.

When you need help hiring good people, an experienced staffing agency should be the first call that you make. They can not only give you faster access to proven professionals, but can also perform skills testing, as well as reference and background checks. In the end, you’ll get a pool of talented and pre-qualified workers to choose from.

Do you need help finding good quality candidates?

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