As one of the leading staffing agencies in Harrisonburg, Adams & Garth knows when it comes to interviewing candidates, there’s a lot on the line. The right approach makes it easier to spot top talent. The wrong approach, however, can lead to a hiring mistake. So if you’ve never conducted an interview before, what are some key steps you need to take? Here’s a look at 7 of them:

Put the candidate at ease.

The less stressed a candidate is, the more productive your conversation is going to be. So beforehand, make sure they are clear on the interview time and location, as well as who will be interviewing them. Also, provide them with any necessary details about where to park and where to go once they get into the building. Try, too, to give them a rough idea of how much time they’ll spend on-site in the interview so they can plan ahead.

Do your homework ahead of time.

Before you interview each candidate, make sure the requirements for the job are fresh in your mind. In addition, read through their resume so you can look for any red flags or areas of interest you want to ask about.

Develop a list of meaningful questions.

Don’t ever wing it during an interview. Instead, you should create a list of core questions, structured in a way that effectively guides the conversation forward.

• Make sure you ask candidate’s the same list of questions so you can effectively compare them later.
• Be sure to rely on behavior-based questions (such as “Tell me about a time you had to deal with a challenging customer. How did you handle the situation?”) to get the most insight into the strength of each candidate.
• In addition, don’t forget to ask questions that help you assess cultural fit.

But don’t ask illegal ones.

These are questions about a person’s marital status, age, religion or whether they have kids. These kinds of questions are off-limits and illegal to ask.

Be professional.

That means being on time during the interview, dressing appropriately for it, and focusing on the candidate, not on your smart phone. Also, be friendly and welcoming when you greet candidates, so they’re more willing to open up and provide detailed answers. It’s also often best to start the conversation with a few easy questions that can act as ice-breakers.

Ask the candidate if they have any questions.

A good way to end the interview is to inquire whether the candidate has questions. A smart candidate will have a list of good questions to ask you about your company, the culture and the job opportunity.

Thank each candidate and follow up.

Be sure to thank each candidate for their time before they leave. Talk to them about what they can expect in terms of next steps and when you will get back to them. Also, follow up with them when you said you will. Even if you’re not planning to hire them, they’ll appreciate the response.

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