As one of the leading employment agencies in Staunton, Adams & Garth knows your resume is your first big opportunity to make a positive impression on an employer. At the same time, it can also serve to underscore any imperfections in your work history. Perhaps you were fired from your last job, or maybe you have a big employment gap in your career. Whatever the case for you, you can overcome each of these issues with the right approach. Here’s how:

Problem #1: You weren’t at your last job for long.

If you were in a position for a short time, for instance less than a month or two, a hiring manager is certainly going to wonder why. In those cases, it’s best to leave it off your resume. However, if you were in the position longer than a couple of months, list it and hope for the best. If you do get an interview, just be prepared to talk about why you left the job so soon.

Problem #2: You change jobs…a lot.

If you’ve held many jobs over the course of the past few years, you’ll likely be labelled a job hopper by prospective employers. What can you do? Be sure to include each job on your resume and list the tasks and responsibilities most relevant to the position you’re applying to. In addition, in your cover letter, explain how you’ve been looking for a challenging opportunity with the right company. Also, explain what attracted you to this particular posting and company and how you see making a contribution in the long-term.

Problem #3: You have a big gap between jobs.

Sometimes, unemployment lasts longer than you expected. Other times, you have personal responsibilities, like small children or aging parents, that require you to step out of the workforce for a while. But the end result is the same: you have a big, glaring gap on your resume.

To deal with it, address it in your cover letter so hiring managers don’t think the worst. Also, if you’re still unemployed, consider finding a volunteer position that you can list on your resume to help fill the gap until you secure full-time employment. In addition, be prepared to talk about the break in employment during an interview.

Problem #4: You don’t have a lot of experience.

You come across a posting for a job you’d love to have. But you don’t meet the requirements for education or experience. If the position is far out of your league – such as an executive job when you’re in the entry-level stage – then you need to gain some experience first. If, however, you’re not too far of the mark in terms of qualifications, apply anyway and see what happens. Some of the requirements might simply be a “nice-to-have” for the employer. So it’s worth throwing your hat into the ring.

As one of the leading employment agencies in Staunton – and Central Virginia, we know your resume is your ticket into the job interview. If yours could use some work, turn to Adams & Garth. From assisting you with your resume and job interview skills, to connecting you with top opportunities in the Staunton area, our team of experts can help. Contact us today to learn more or search our Staunton jobs now.

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