“I can’t find good employees.”

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Central Virginia, it’s a statement we hear often. And with an unemployment rate hovering around 4.4%, it’s true that there isn’t a huge flow of job candidates on the market. That said, there are some steps you could be making in the hiring process that are getting in the way of finding and hiring quality people.

So if any of these sound familiar, you have some work to do to improve your hiring process:

Bad job descriptions.

If you’re trying to hire for a role that’s poorly defined, you’re not going to get the best people. Rather, if you want to attract solid, dependable, skilled potential hires, your job description needs to be focused and clear cut. A candidate shouldn’t walk away from it wondering what the job really entails.

What to do: Review your job descriptions and re-write them if necessary to ensure they’re clear.

A complicated application process.

With such a low unemployment rate, top candidates have their pick of jobs. That’s why, if your application and hiring process are long-winded or cumbersome in any way, you’re going to lose out.

What to do: Rework your application process so it’s simpler for candidates, without unnecessary steps. Also, streamline your hiring process as much as possible.

No knowledge of the competition.

Sometimes, if you’re having a hard time getting good quality candidates, it could come down to your competition. They’re offering something more or better to candidates, and attracting and hiring them at a faster pace as a result.

What to do: Take a look at the job market around you. Are a lot of similar companies hiring for positions just like yours? What are they offering in terms of pay and benefits? And what can you do to make your opportunity stand out to the best candidates?

Not looking internally.

The best candidates for a new position could be right under your nose in the form of an existing employee. This not only helps you to fill job openings with people you already know and trust, but it gives your current workers an opportunity for promotion and advancement.

What to do: Take a look at your job description and current staff roster. Is there anyone already on your team you think is a good fit for the role?

If you can’t find quality candidates because you simply don’t have the time or resources, let the team at Adams & Garth help.

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Central Virginia, we know hiring can be a hassle. But we’ve got the knowledge, experience, and proven processes in place to assist you. Next time you need to hire, contact Adams & Garth.

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