Shocked. Scared. Sad. Angry. As one of the leading employment agencies in Harrisonburg, Adams & Garth knows those are just a few of the emotions that are common with a layoff. Most companies try other cost-cutting measures before resorting to downsizing staff. For you, though, it doesn’t matter. You’re reeling.

While the situation might not be in your control, how you react is. To help you cope with a layoff and get back on your feet, here are 6 tips to follow:

Tip #1: Keep emotions in check.

Being angry and upset is normal if you’ve been laid off. However, don’t let emotions get the best of you at work and cause you to lose your temper or have an outburst. You don’t want to burn any bridges, no matter how bitter you may be feeling. After all, you still need references from your boss and co-workers. If you need to vent, meet up with a trusted friend or co-worker afterward.

Tip #2: Understand your options.

Your head is spinning – and it can be hard to take in information, as a result. But make sure you’re listening to the details about your severance, health insurance, retirement account, and unused vacation days. If you’re not ready to process the information, ask if you can call your HR person later in the week to touch base. That way, you have some time to digest the situation and develop a list of questions to help you get the information you’ll need going forward.

Tip #3: Reach out to your support.

Layoffs are hard and can often feel like a death. That’s why it’s important to have a strong support network in place and reach out when you need to. You can also use this opportunity to start networking with your connections and inquiring about job openings elsewhere.

Tip #4: Try to look at the positive.

It’s important to process your emotions, but don’t let yourself dwell on the situation for too long. Try to frame the situation in a positive light. For instance, maybe you were getting bored or disengaged with work anyway, so now’s your chance to find something new.

Tip #5: Evaluate your financial situation.

Take a few days to process the situation. Then face the facts – specifically, about your finances. Did you get a severance package? How much savings do you have? Can you cut back in any areas at home until you find a new job? How much unemployment will you get? Will you be paying for COBRA benefits, or do you have to shop around for another health insurance plan? These are all questions to ask to get a sense of where you stand financially and what you need to do going forward.

Tip #6: Start your job search.

Polish your resume and start looking for a new opportunity. Set up a job search schedule for yourself so your day has structure. Also get out there and network so you can learn about jobs through friends, former co-workers and other connections. And whatever you do, don’t give up hope. You will find a new job, bounce back and be able to put this situation behind you.

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